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Available now

Intersection Magic is Pd' Programming's flagship product. First created in 1987 as a DOS graphics application, since re-written for Windows, Intersection Magic has grown to become the de-facto standard for crash records analysis across the U.S. and in Canada.
  • The most widely used crash records analysis tool on the market today
  • The first interactive, automated collision diagram product ever. (1987)
  • The most configurable, customizable reporting product for crash records analysis

Crash Magic Online is the browser-based version of Crash Magic. All of the program configuration, processing, and maintenance exist only on the server. It's features include:
  • All reporting features of Crash Magic
  • Nothing to install. Just load a browser
  • Automatic, transparent updates
  • All work is preserved until explicitly deleted
  • Centralized storage of all reports, filters, charts
  • Centralized configuration

Note: This program is available for installation on-site, or as a hosted application run on Pd' Programming servers.

Map Magic Add-on Products

Map Magic for Intersection Magic

(ArcView 3.1 pin-mapping extension)

Map Magic for Crash Magic Online

(ESRI ArcMap extension)

Map Magic for Intersection Magic is an add-on pin-map product for Intersection Magic. It enables Intersection Magic to communicate with ArcView GIS and produce pin-maps depicting either individual crash records or aggregate high accident locations. Produces true ArcView themes in either 2D or 3D.
  • Aggregate maps show one symbol per intersection, sized and colored based on count or rate of crashes
  • Individal pin maps show one symbol per crash. Crashes at the same location are stacked using 3D graphics
  • Requires little GIS knowledge for impressive results
  • Automatically geocodes 80+% intersections on most maps

Map Magic for Crash Magic Online is an add-on product for Crash Magic Online. Using this ArcGIS extention, usrs can generate diagrams, charts, listings and other reports in Crash Magic Online by selecting crashes from their map. Two types of Crash Magic "studies" are currently supported:
  1. Case id list study: In this case, a list of the case id numbers from the selected crashes are sent to Crash Magic for inclusion in a study.
  2. X,Y coordinate study: In this case the coordinates of a rectangle are sent from ArcGIS. Crash Magic then generates a query based on those coordinates, and a date range to create a study for analysis.
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