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Intersection Magic - Crash Records Analysis

Looking for a demo? Check out the downloads page.

Intersection Magic is an MS Windows based PC application for crash records analysis. It generates automated collision diagrams, pin maps of high accident locations, high accident location lists, frequency reports, presentation graphics, (such as crashes by time of day or month of year) and much more.

Intersection Magic has been used by jurisdictions across the country to reduce their accident counts, accident severity and exposure to lawsuits.

Pd' Programming has been producing and distributing Intersection Magic for the past 14+ years. This is more than twice as long as any of our competitors. It is by far the most widely used crash records analysis package of its type in the World.

Intersection Magic's support for node based systems, milepost systems, intersections, and corridors make it the only software package designed with the needs of State DOTs, Counties and Local agencies in mind.

Intersection Magic provides analysis at the macro or micro level. It provides access to data from individual crashes all the way to jurisidiction-wide pin maps. Intersection Magic is a fantastic tool for transportation planners, traffic engineers and others involved in crash records analysis and safety planning.

By linking Intersection Magic to ESRI's ArcView GIS, Pd' Programming has expanded Intersection Magic's capabilities while preserving software standards already in use.

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