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Intersection Magic is the most advanced Windows software program for providing graphic and textual reporting of:

  • High Crash Locations - based on primary and cross street, address range, milepost, node number, or user specified query.
    • GIS Pin map using Map Magic
      • All accidents in given time period
      • Pedestrian or Bicycle accidents
      • By severity of accident
      • Showing any user defined data
    • Location list
      • Automatically produce diagrams of selected locations
      • Create pin map of selected locations
      • User-defined processing of selected locations using the Pd' Scripting language
    • Text report
      • Print it
      • Copy it to the clipboard and edit it in your favorite word processor
      • Save it to a text file for future access
      • Email it
  • Collision Diagrams - Simply the best in the business
    • Fast!
      • 15 seconds or less on databases with less than 50,000 crashes
      • 40 seconds or less on databases with less than 300,000 crashes!
    • Dynamic -
      • Click on accidents for data retrieval
      • Drag accidents to other locations
      • Highlight accidents by field or user query;
      • Label accidents with user-defined data about each accident
      • Query a diagram without creating a new one for each set of criteria
    • Customizable
      • Include your own background graphic to describe curb lines or other features
      • Choose from dozens of pre-defined schematics
      • Specify your own graphics to represent vehicles, fixed objects, weather conditions, driver conditions
      • Include a key, user comments, or a report at the bottom of the diagram
      • Define your own rules for placement of accidents
      • Numerous settings to customize the display of each diagram
    • Detailed
      • Shows an individual graphic for each accident
      • Group like accidents into single graphic showing a count
      • Any data condition can be represented by a graphic... reduce the amount of text needed next to each accident
  • Frequency reports
    • Database wide study
      • Select a field and value for ranking. The program will generate a list intersections, show the counts for each possible value from the specified field, and rank the list according to the specified value.
  • Crash lists
    • Customizable
      • Choose any fields for display as you prepare to run the report
      • Output as text for printing, or for exporting to word-processor
      • Sort on up to three fields at a time
      • Save report formats and field lists for later use
    • Entire database
      • List all the accidents in the database, or include a filter to display only those you are interested in.
    • Current location
      • List all the accidents in the current diagram. This may be by Intersection; Corridor; Node; or custom query.
  • Click-on data retrieval
    • Click on an accident to "drill into" the data and display the fields in the actual data record
    • Format the list of fields to show just those you want, in the order you want
    • Save many list formats for later use
  • Crash highlighting
    • Change the color of accidents by specifying a field and value (i.e. Show all pedestrian crashes in green; all bicycle crashes in blue; and all motor vehicle crashes in red)
    • Use a filter to perform highlighting (i.e. Show all nightime injury accidents involving a DUI in red)
    • Save highlight settings with diagram for later retrieval
  • Custom graphics
    • Graphics for each crash are generated on-the-fly as the diagram is displayed. Change the settings... change the graphics
    • Pick your own graphics to show for any crash condition (i.e. put a martini glass next to each vehicle which is designated DUI)
    • Dozens of symbols to choose from.
    • Create your own symbols
  • Custom labels
    • Each accident graphic may be accompanied by a text description, or label.
    • Pick the fields, or combination of fields you want on the labels
    • Labels move with the accidents
    • Change the label locations relative to the crash graphics
    • Chose label size, font and color
  • Data filtering (queries)
    • Easy to use filter editor - just pick the field, value and operator (i.e. Type_of_collision = Side_swipe)
    • Build complex filters (i.e. ((Injuries > 0) or (fatals > 0)) and (dui=false)
    • Save the filters for later use
    • Name the filter so that end users see the name instead of the expression
  • Presentation graphics
    • Show clean, easy to read 2D or 3D pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, etc.
    • Chart any field, value, condition
    • Print charts, or copy them to other Windows applications
    • Save charts and chart settings (templates) for later use
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