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    What category is this article?

    • CMO330:  Export / Import of edited ACIS data
    • IMW284:  Intersection Magic on Windows 7 (64-bit) systems
    • CMO267:  Invalid Command :cm:, :CrashMagicOnline_ISAPI.dll: or similar
    • CMO260:  Projects, studies and reports are not show while importing a users V 2.13 or older
    • CMO239:  Crash Magic Online error "Cookies not enabled"
    • IMW215:  How blank spaces and empty strings are handled in Crash Magic

    Installation and setup

    • MM319:  Map Magic 2 for ArcMap: Initial Login and Advanced Settings Configuration
    • CMO318:  Crash Magic ArcGIS Server Requirements for GIS-based Features
    • CMO317:  Crash Magic GIS Services Requirements for Oracle Database Servers
    • CMW313:  Basic Beginner's Instructions
    • CMO310:  Crash Magic v5.x technical requirements
    • IMW282:  How to migrate a local IMW installation to a Type II network installation
    • MM273:  Map Magic 2 for ArcMap: Installation
    • CMO265:  Client logo not centered on the Crash Magic login page
    • CMO263:  Database drivers require an operating system restart after installation
    • CMO262:  Could not bind socket. Address and port are already in use.
    • IMW253:  Upgrading Intersection Magic
    • IMW252:  Intersection Magic settings are not saved from the last time the program was open.
    • MM248:  Installing Map Magic in ArcMap 10
    • CMO238:  Users logging into a Crash Magic Online with an expired password will freeze with a processing message.
    • CMO236:  Adding GIS files for Crash Magic Online data entry.
    • CMO235:  How to add images or reports from a folder to the Crash Magic Online ClickOn report
    • CMO234:  Oracle 11gR2 client does not install the Oracle OLE DB components in Windows 7
    • IMW230:  How to get Intersection Magic keys
    • MM225:  Copying a Map Magic configuration
    • MM224:  Stop Map Magic from creating multiple browser tabs
    • MM223:  Installing the Map Magic dll in ArcMap 9
    • MM222:  Where to save the Map Magic dll
    • CMO221:  Print preview tab does not show the diagram schematic
    • CMO218:  Upgrading Crash Magic Online and the master shared user
    • CMO213:  Upgrading your Crash Magic Online software running on IIS
    • CMO211:  Installing the Map Magic dll into Arc Map version 9.x for use with Crash Magic Online
    • IMW210:  How to install an Intersection Magic configuration from another computer.
    • IMW209:  How to install a configuration posted from our web site.
    • CMO207:  Crash Magic Online license statement
    • CMO203:  Crash Magic product release cycle
    • CMO200:  Recommended date time fields for a collision database
    • CMO195:  CMO Does Not Install Under Vista
    • CMO193:  The .master user group should never be set up with Active Directory login.
    • CMO192:  Preparing for a Crash Magic Online installation and setup.
    • IMW187:  Re-Installing IMW from a download off the web. Local install - v6.6 thru current
    • IMW172:  User has Insufficient access to read data for the Demo database.
    • CMO171:  Software and database update guidelines
    • IMW169:  ODBC setup for virtual location.
    • CMO155:  How to Disable IIS Socket Pooling
    • IMW154:  "User (guest) has insufficient access to read data"
    • IMW153:  Reasons Registering Intersection Magic would fail.
    • IMW141:  Re-Installing IMW with an existing config. Local install - v6.6 thru current
    • IMW140:  Security problems in Windows XP
    • IMW139:  Cleaning up extraneous IMW files
    • IMW126:  Removing IMW to prepare for a fresh installation
    • WS121:  I cannot login or view Intersection Magic version updates.
    • IMW118:  How to set up centralized registration for network installs.
    • IMW116:  Why don't my configuration files update from the network automatically?
    • IMW72:  Intersection Magic license statement
    • IMW66:  How to obtain your password.
    • IMW67:  Which versions of Windows does Intersection Magic support?
    • IMW63:  Registration key isn't being accepted
    • IMW43:  Fails to load v6.512 on Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000
    • IMW36:  Intersection Magic Technical Requirements
    • IMW25:  This database must be reindexed, again, and again, and again.
    • IMW24:  Performing a full install from an update CD / diskette
    • IMW13:  (IMW) warning: Re-index failed. () . . . Is someone else accessing this database?
    • IMW7:  Re-Installing IMW with an existing config. Local install - v6.0 thru v6.59
    • IMW8:  Creating a new cityid.txt file
    • IMW10:  Re-Installing IMW with an existing config. Local install - v5.511 only


    • CMO324:  Requested crash records for configuration testing
    • CMO321:  ArcGIS Server Connection Configuration
    • CMO315:  Lookup value for xCoord and yCoord normalized fields
    • CMW302:  Steps for adding a user to Crash Magic
    • IMW278:  How to merge Intersection Magic databases
    • IMW277:  How to create a copy of the Intersection Magic database
    • CMO264:  Not Base64 displayed for an image
    • CMO251:  When opening Crash Magic Online from a saved Favorites or desktop icon an error page is displayed
    • CMO250:  Why does my date field have a bad time / Why does my time field have a bad date
    • CMO244:  How does Crash Magic determine what collision symbols to display
    • CMO243:  Sending a Crash Magic Online user group file to Pd' Programming
    • CMO242:  How to retrieve Crash Magic Online log files
    • CMO233:  Upgrading the Crash Magic databases in use.
    • CMO229:  Moving Crash Magic database servers
    • CMO228:  Changing the Crash Magic configuration schema names
    • CMO226:  Adding street names to street picker
    • CMO219:  Upgrading the Crash Magic Online system tables
    • CMO217:  A new master config needs to be imported.
    • CMO206:  Upgrading your Crash Magic configuration
    • IMW173:  Changing the appearance/order of IMW edit fields.
    • IMW165:  The new easy way to copy your configuraion.
    • IMW164:  How to send configuration and data files to Pd' Programming
    • IMW160:  Having Pd'Programming take over an existing configuration.
    • DWAND156:  Required fields for a Collision Diagram
    • IMW147:  Using Texas TRASER 5.05 with Intersection Magic
    • IMW146:  Information for preparing data for configuration
    • IMW145:  Required and recommended fields for Intersection Magic
    • IMW134:  Maintenance of configuration files
    • IMW117:  Why does my new SWITRS data have only 3 characters for a CaseID?
    • IMW87:  How to install the new SWITRS configuration.
    • IMW76:  What to do when your data provider changes the format.
    • IMW65:  I have created/updated my configuration files, how do I test the new configuration?
    • IMW4:  Failed to init object tables (TBS/TAB)


    • CMO308:  Importing new crash data - XML
    • CMO305:  Obtain data from CRIS - TX DOT Crash Data
    • CMO304:  Obtain data from ALISS "Safety Data Mart"
    • CMO303:  Importing new crash data - w/Convert
    • CMO301:  Automated import using our FTP server
    • CMO298:  FTP Static IP Address Requested
    • IMW268:  Importing California SWITRS data into Intersection Magic
    • CMO258:  Adding items to the Crash Magic Online configuration
    • IMW245:  New Arizona Crash Report Form(01-2704 R06/2010)
    • IMW212:  Sorting an Import file for Intersection Magic
    • IMW159:  Using the Pd Data Extractor.
    • IMW157:  Import behavior for Intersection Magic with Null and unknown values.
    • IMW150:  Why is "Data Source" grayed out when I try to import?
    • IMW69:  Comparison of methods for updating crash records
    • IMW34:  Performing supplemental data imports
    • IMW1:  Error.log file indicates "Number Too Great"

    Errors / crashes

    • CMO297:  Where to look to identify errors in Crash Magic
    • CMO289:  Internet Explorer Crashes unexpectedly throughout Crash Magic (FIXED 8/20/2014)
    • MM285:  No GUI components found in this Add-In
    • CMO275:  Crash Magic displays the wrong report or Unhandled error in Silverlight
    • CMO269:  Navigation to the webpage was canceled
    • CMO266:  Failed to load dataentrydefinition error
    • MM261:  Error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" or "GetFieldNames" Map Magic V
    • CMO259:  Unknown login exception V 2.13 or older
    • CMO240:  Browser hangs on login page - often with "Processing" box showing
    • CMO216:  Oracle 9i OLE DB driver required
    • CMO204:  Expression Parser Returns Errors as "Null"
    • CMO202:  SOAP or Data Entry calls fail with Stream read error
    • CMO198:  Data from the last date selected in a study is not shown for Crash Magic Online version 2.7 or previous.
    • CMO197:  Error "Failed to execute FO converter" when trying to create a PDF.
    • CMO194:  Can not leave the Raw XML tab when a group admin while running under IIS
    • CMW191:  Insufficient privileges error is shown while upgrading Crash Magic in version 2.2.79 or earlier.
    • CMO181:  Performance issue while using Crash Magic.
    • CMO180:  MagicAuto performance issue identified.
    • IMW174:  Running the street changes file displays an error "At least one change request had a fatal error".
    • IMW163:  IMW Edit can place invalid numeric values in the database.
    • MM152:  Receive error "MSW call DeleteObject failed" when identifying map items.
    • IMW143:  How come files viewed in IMW have a "~" in them?
    • MM136:  Map Magic problems in Windows XP
    • IMW101:  Why is "-2147483647" in my address field?
    • IMW98:  How do I find Windows diagnostic information?
    • IMW95:  IMW Editor not working properly.
    • IMW90:  What do the error numbers mean?
    • IMW84:  Fatal error when printing to HP printer with Windows 95 or 98.
    • IMW56:  Why do I get a "File I/O" error when trying to create a diagram?
    • IMW37:  Record Scan Canceled warning
    • IMW38:  Launching the external image viewer causes Intersection Magic to crash.
    • IMW39:  Program crashes when closing the last or only diagram.

    Filters / queries

    • IMW257:  How to create a locations filter
    • IMW167:  How to properly use the "OR" (|) operator in a filter expression
    • IMW166:  How to change a filter to its "inverse"
    • IMW68:  Why does my filter have © and ® symbols in it?
    • IMW42:  Ambiguous variable / value in filter
    • IMW35:  How to list all accidents by corridor


    • CMO309:  How to save a report's settings and how to use them as the default?
    • CMO281:  Cross tab report total does not match the total of collisions from the study
    • IMW131:  Why does the count for a sliding spot section not match the actual number of crashes for that section?
    • IMW80:  Creating "all fields" printable report
    • IMW53:  How to view scanned images for crash records


    • CMO296:  Diagram not showing crashes that were moved
    • CMO295:  Firefox fails to display collision diagrams
    • CMO276:  Collision graphics are not where they were moved / rotated to
    • CMO256:  Selecting a new schematic results in a blank report
    • CMO237:  How to change diagram labels in Crash Magic Online
    • IMW135:  How to make a ramp a corridor for query purposes.
    • IMW89:  Can I create new crash symbols?
    • IMW55:  "Intersection Corridor" diagram does not include all crashes on aliased streets.
    • IMW49:  Diagram "Accident Count" doesn't match number of graphics in the diagram.
    • IMW48:  New diagram box doesn't show all cross streets in list
    • IMW45:  Diagram name doesn't reflect contents of diagram.
    • IMW30:  Why does the program crash on an all data diagram?
    • IMW27:  How do I stop accident graphics from overlapping on the diagrams?
    • IMW23:  How to 'send' a diagram to someone without Intersection Magic.
    • IMW6:  Program crashes when closing a diagram using the system menu.


    • IMW208:  Making chart labels fit on a page when printing.
    • IMW85:  Changing X-axis labels in charts.
    • IMW18:  Creating a chart that includes data from more than one diagram.


    • CMO316:  Duplicate case number found in dataset
    • CMO312:  Obtain data from SWITRS - Califronia Highway Patrol
    • IMW246:  Data from ADOT does not support corridor studies
    • CMO196:  Preparing your data for a Crash Magic configuration
    • IMW177:  New Colorado Crash Report Form (DR 2447)
    • IMW162:  How do I delete crash records from the database?
    • IMW149:  Y2K compatibility information
    • IMW144:  How to prepare data for use in Intersection Magic
    • IMW133:  Why is there no list of changes shown after the dry run of the Change Streets process?
    • IMW102:  How can I get a list of all intersections in every virtual corridor?
    • IMW77:  How to add or remove security from an existing database
    • IMW75:  How to incorporate volumes and calculate rates.
    • IMW71:  Street names appear twice in lists of cross streets
    • IMW62:  Manual update / verification required after upgrading from v6.5x to a newer version.
    • IMW59:  Street is not deleted when using Streets Manager.
    • IMW54:  Reindex corrupts streets data table.
    • IMW41:  How to register volume data
    • IMW21:  What date formats are accepted by Intersection Magic
    • IMW16:  What if I have two or more differently spelled streets that really should be reflecting one?
    • IMW15:  Why do I have duplicate street names in the database?
    • IMW11:  Differences between in-house and Intersection Magic data
    • IMW12:  SWITRS crash data is imported incorrectly
    • IMW9:  Copying an Intersection Magic database
    • IMW5:  Certain (long) street names / intersection names are not recognized by the program.


    • IMW100:  Why do I get a "File I/O" error when using Novell client 4.83?
    • IMW88:  Another worktation is READING or WRITING to this database
    • IMW60:  Making the database files read only


    • CMO323:  Crash Magic features that require GIS
    • MM176:  Crash Magic Online doesn't create a diagram when called by Map Magic CMO
    • MM137:  Can't click on the blue dot
    • MM124:  Creating a pin map in Acr View version 3.x.
    • MM123:  Getting Map Magic and ArcView GIS working together.
    • MM122:  A(n) Theme object does not recognize request IsMatchable
    • MM120:  Requirements for Map Magic
    • MM119:  Getting your map tested and working in ArcView GIS.
    • MM112:  Trouble shooting for Map Magic.
    • MM83:  How to create and use GIS aliases
    • MM79:  Map Magic not installed properly
    • MM78:  Individual Crashes Error
    • MM73:  How to Extract a Streets Centerline Map.
    • MM64:  Does Intersection Magic support ArcView GIS 8.x?
    • MM61:  The same location needs to be geocoded over and over again. The values don't "stick".
    • MM40:  Map Magic version is wrong
    • MM19:  Program stops responding while waiting for ArcView to finish loading

    Data entry

    • CMO290:  When Crash Magic was shipped, there was an error in the corresponding data entry application.  Data Entry is a patch that fixes that problem.
    • CMO286:  Cannot select a cross street in data entry
    • IMW127:  IMW Edit did not save the last report I entered
    • IMW82:  Date Range invalid, starting at 00/00/0000.
    • IMW29:  How do I turn off unneeded controls in the IMWEditor?
    • IMW22:  Data entry program reports BTFiler Hard Error and crashes or refuses to close
    • IMW20:  Data entry screen doesn't move from field to field when pressing enter or tab


    • IMW125:  IMW caused a Floating-point exception in CPCSPL.DLL at 0x02ff7a3e
    • IMW81:  IMW crashes when printing from '98 machine.
    • IMW74:  Diagram only occupies half of the printed page
    • IMW58:  Printing a diagram results in blank page
    • IMW51:  Solutions to printer problems
    • IMW46:  Diagram only occupies a quarter of the printed page
    • IMW44:  Printer reports out of memory when printing accident list.
    • IMW26:  Program won't print, or printer(s) can't be changed or re-configured

    Related software

    • CMO320:  Export Coordinate Data from Crash Magic for Import to ArcMap
    • CMO190:  "Type Name Is Invalid" reported accessing DECIMAL / BCD field
    • CMW128:  Connecting to various data sources using an ADO connection string

    Article - opinion

    • CMO294:  Arizona Spring Conference meetup survey

    Article - fact

    • IMW287:  Uploading files to Pd' Programming
    • CMO189:  No value given for one or more required parameters
    • IMW178:  Intersection Magic Standard Statewide Site License

    Article - references

    • CMO299:  Steps for creating and deleting aliases
    • CMW293:  Crash Magic Mini Training Sessions
    • CMO292:  Colorado DOT crash data dictionary
    • IMW283:  Copying virtual locations information for Intersection Magic
    • IMW280:  Cleaning up time fields in Intersection Magic
    • IMW279:  Exporting your Intersection Magic database for Crash Magic Online
    • MM270:  No accident data using the rectangle selection tool
    • CMO241:  Crash Magic login page shows I/O error 32"UNKNOWN (32)"
    • CMO232:  Sending your Crash Magic Online configuration to Pd' Programming
    • CMO201:  Required and recommended fields for Crash Magic
    • CMO186:  Crash Magic strategies to prevent SQL injection attacks.
    • CMO183:  Setting up case Id studies for Crash Magic.
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